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Atlas Preparatory School

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Atlas Preparatory School goes beyond just teaching academics to teaching character and community involvement in order to truly educate the whole child. We worked with Atlas to create a logo that would act as a foundation for on-going materials and create an identity that’s professional and approachable at the same time. The clean lines combined with a bold color palette help reinforce the message of “going beyond,” allowing Atlas to rally around a look that will take them into the future.

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The trail doesn't end there

Rangers believe in partnerships over projects. That’s why we’ve continued to extend Atlas Prep’s brand into new stories and initiatives.

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Attend Nonprofit Camp

We offer a special, single-day intensive camp for our nonprofit clients with tight budgets. Find out if you’re the right scout for camp!

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Meet with a Ranger

Every Ranger-led expedition starts with a 45 minute, complimentary Discovery Session where we get to know you and your goals.

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