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"The Design Rangers executed brilliantly within brand standards, ensuring that distinctive assets were used appropriately and consistently. What’s more, the Design Rangers helped us optimize for each social platform: instead of simply re-applying the brand’s look-and-feel, they re-imagined it for the Tumblr platform and each piece of visual content they produced. The result was a Tumblr theme and visual content that were distinctively on-brand, but also felt unique and fresh. We enthusiastically recommend the Design Rangers.” – Tammy Oler, Co-Founder and Strategy Director, Stellar Engine

Partnering with the Skittles’ social media agency, StellarEngine, we were able to come up with a unique solution that challenged the limitations of Tumblr without compromising the Skittles’ brand. We designed an easy-to-manage system that allowed Skittles’ social content managers to literally be the “voice of the rainbow.” Content blocks can be tagged with candy flavors to give them specific color backgrounds. A custom-built Photoshop template makes text appear as if it’s being typed and edited live on the page.

Skittles site unapologetically represents the very essence of the brand: “Expect the unexpected.” What we could have never anticipated was that just a few months after launching, Skittles would be so happy with the Tumblr site they would make it their official website.

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