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These guys are amazing! Design Rangers listened to what TESSA wanted to accomplish and helped not only shape the overall feel and design of the site, but also helped us think about the messages and stories we wanted to share. The final product is a sleek, modern design that provides that digital front door (or first impression) we’d like visitors to experience. We love the site and hear compliments on it all the time. – SherryLynn Boyles, Executive Director, TESSA

TESSA came to us with a powerful story – and one that’s not often shared: the Colorado Springs Police Department receives over 35 domestic violence calls per day.

As a nonprofit charged with supporting women, children, and men in dangerous situations, our goal was to share the truth of domestic violence in our city while still presenting TESSA as a beacon of hope and light. The design balances bold, powerful colors and messaging with safe, clean, white space to create moments of impactful storytelling. Donors and those in need can quickly find the information that’s most relevant to them. And our entire community can come together to advocate for those who can’t advocate for themselves: because we all deserve to be safe

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Bold design and powerful messaging was carried through TESSA’s entire site to create a compelling, cohesive story. 

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