Cave of the Winds

Outdoor Advertising

Meet Adventure. He is everywhere, but he has recently found a new home at Cave of the Winds. Everything Adventure needs is right here–great early morning packages that cater to families, awesome new evening activities, and special deals for our beloved military community, who truly exemplify the spirit of Adventure.

Adventure is a bit of a rebel, but a true gentleman at heart. He loves to share his experiences with others and works hard to have serious fun. Adventure has a bit of an ego and isn’t afraid to let his personality shine through. His charm and wit are unmistakable and contagious. The characterization of Adventure is what makes this campaign attention grabbing, memorable and personal. His take on life makes for easy story telling across multiple platforms.




“Design Rangers have brought a fresh contemporary look to everything Cave of the Winds. In a world full of typical “widget” and “car” advertising agencies they have taken time to understand our product and brand it in a manner that resonates with our customer. They are the embodiment of the demographic that we seek to attract (young, educated, typical family household , who enjoy their family, work and leisure time). They are a pleasure to work with and turn out above average work EVERY TIME – on time.”

Grant Carey
General Manager

Additional work