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Cave of the Winds

Wind Walker Logo

Have you ever wished you could walk on air? The Wind Walker Challenge Course is a three-story obstacle course balanced on the rim of a 600-foot drop into the beautiful Williams Canyon. Thrill-seekers of all ages navigate a challenging maze of steel beams, swinging ropes, and ladders.

Inspired by theme park nostalgia and the stunning scenery that surrounds the Wind Walker, we created a logo that conveys a sense of scale and excitement. A bold, graphic look with strong colors, expressive typography and canyon silhouettes invites visitors to experience life on the edge.




“Design Rangers have created a fresh, contemporary look for everything Cave of the Winds. They have taken time to understand our product and brand it in a manner that resonates with our customer. They are a pleasure to work with and turn out excellent work on time – EVERY time.”

Grant Carey
Owner / General Manager

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