Website Redesign

CTS helped create the endurance coaching industry and over the past 15 years has helped more than 10,000 athletes take their performance to the next level.

When CTS set out to redesign their website, trainright.com, they wanted to be able to tell the story of their coaches and athletes in a way that would be easy to understand and relate to. They also wanted a better way for people to engage with their products and services including cycling camps and bucket list events.

The Design Rangers worked to create a visually rich site that reduces clutter and lets potential trainees find their fit. The website was built using responsive design and development techniques to ensure the best experience across a variety of devices – from smartphones to tablets, laptops to giant desktop screens.

Just as important as the user experience is the ability for CTS staff to be able to easily construct pages, edit content, and add information. A highly customized version of WordPress, an online Content Management System (CMS) was built to the exact needs of the client. Homepage images and messages can be easily rearranged and updated. Individual camps contain vast amounts of data, images, and categorization, yet it’s simple for CTS to create new events and easy for viewers to digest all of the information.

Coaches, camps, specials, and other key elements needed to appear multiple times in the site, but only need to be entered in single location in the CMS.





  • 2014 Addy Award, Silver: Digital Advertising: Website, Services