It’s about freedom, joy, and self belief. It’s about moving with exceptional power and coordination. It’s about reducing risk of injury with strong joints and proper form. It’s about elevating performance in whatever sport you choose.

Flipshack’s strong goals and lively programs led us to tackle this project with a fun but informative aesthetic. Looking forward into the future we were able to implement a responsive design that scales evenly and elegantly on all devices.







“Our customers love Flipshack.com! It’s clean, clear and amazingly easy to navigate, especially with its “responsive” design.

Already our members are making online payments, downloading forms, and requesting classes and parties, which has saved us tremendous time. (I thought some of those little features were unimportant–I’m glad you urged me to reconsider!)

I knew Design Rangers had serious creative talent and could execute, but what really made me choose you was the amount of time you spent getting to know our company. Building our brand has been a priority and we needed to be sure the spirit of Flipshack was going to be captured. Your homework had you nearly hit the ball out of the park on the opening pitch with a concept I never imagined.

And as we moved forward tweaking the look and filling in the content, I appreciated the way you professionally addressed every question or suggestion in a friendly and timely manner. I figured out you were keeping your eyes on the details, and the process became much easier than I had expected.

Working with you, I learned that simply having a web presence isn’t enough today. Sites need to be functional, relevant, and distinctive. I think anyone who took the time to check out our competitors would agree you built us the best website in our industry. I can’t thank you enough and will recommend you with enthusiasm.”

Wayne Larsen