Kids on Bikes


Kids on Bikes believes in a world where all kids own and ride a bike everyday. They know bikes can be used to build healthy, happy, and active kids, families, and communities.

They also know that there are many kids who don’t own a bike and can’t experience the joy of riding it. Kids on Bikes is committed to changing the lives of young people in our community and giving them the chance to earn their own bike or to learn how to repair a broken one.

Design Rangers teamed up with Kids on Bikes to develop messaging and graphics that established a brand voice and could be integrated into a series of marketing tools. These tools would inform, educate, and inspire people to take action. 

One of our main goals was to help Kids on Bikes make an emotional connection with their community. We did this by highlighting compelling facts and figures both about challenges and results related to Kids on Bikes’ mission, designing custom illustrations for the website that will also be used in future marketing materials such as brochures and event signage, and clearly highlighting the three ways Kids on Bikes needed help from the community: Donate, Participate, and Volunteer.

We launched their new website on just in time for the start of the Colorado Springs Independent’s 2012 Give! campaign. Through this fundraising effort, Kids on Bikes successfully raised more than $40,000! Three cheers for kids, bikes, and Kids on Bikes!




“When we first started talking to Design Rangers about a new website, we quickly realized that there is so much more to developing a brand then simply a website.  Jenny and Chris helped us think through all of the touch points in which we interact with donors, partners, and clients.  Those “users” come to Kids on Bikes for a variety of reasons and we needed a way to market and outreach to them individually.  Rather than getting bogged down with content, the Design Rangers helped us define what is the most important message that we want people to walk away with.  From there, they helped us develop our website into a visually creative and engaging website that would capture the feel of who we are before even reading anything about us.  Additionally, we will be working with them to develop a marketing toolkit with brochures, newsletters, letterhead, and electronic banners that complement our website.  They developed a terrific marketing strategy by asking lots of questions, helping us problem solve, and keeping us engaged throughout the process.  In return, they created an incredibly valuable product.”

Nikki McComsey
Executive Director