Open Path Collective

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A Nationwide Community Mental Health Center

Open Path is a collective of therapists who have generously agreed to provide in-office treatment for $30 to $50 a session. Open Path clients pay a one-time membership fee to work with an Open Path therapist at a significantly reduced rate. Because the rate is so low, clients gain back their membership fee after just two sessions. Open Path is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit advocating for affordable psychotherapy.






“When I was looking for a team to help us design Open Path’s website, the more I spoke to designers, the more unsure I was of the message we wanted to represent with our site. On the one hand we wanted something that was going to look very professional — the key component of the site are the page profiles that mental health professionals use to market their private practice. On the other hand, however, the last thing we wanted was something sterile, corporate, or dry. To put it another way, we wanted to create the perfect therapist’s office: not so loose that you wouldn’t feel safe, but not so tight that you wouldn’t feel comfortable stretching across the couch and relaxing for a bit.

From the moment Chris, Jenny, and I started talking, it became clear that they understood exactly what I needed. Skilled at listening, they were able to take in what I was saying, then repeat it back to me in a way that made sense, and that led me to a greater understanding of creating the site I had only partially envisioned in my mind.

The finished product speaks for itself; the site is professional, attractive, sincere and playful. In the six months that have passed since we launched, we’ve signed on hundreds of therapists and have had our hands full connecting them with the multitudes of clients who are seeking affordable mental health care. The grace and style of the website has played a large part in how we’ve achieved so much success so early on. I am enormously grateful and would recommend the Rangers with great enthusiasm.”

Paul Fugelsang
Founder / Open Path Psychotherapy Collective