Website Redesign

Pikes Peak Country Attractions helps travelers find their perfect adventure at the foot of Pikes Peak. Representing 25 of the region’s best attractions, PPCA needed a way to help visitors plan their trip based on their personal preferences, without having to dig through pages of detailed information. It also needed to showcase the unique assets of each attraction regardless of their size and existing marketing efforts.

The Design Rangers helped create a highly visual site that lets visitors explore local destinations based on a series of filters, from family fun to indoor adventures for a rainy day. Each attraction gets their own fully developed page that separates information into small, easy-to-browse segments. Slideshows of images and videos, fast facts, pricing information, and social media connections let viewers dig into the details of each attraction. A mobile-friendly responsive design ensures that everyone from a mom in Texas doing research on her laptop to a visitor in Manitou Springs on his smartphone gets the same rich experience.

A customized WordPress Content Management System allows PPCA staff to edit information, post helpful articles and add valuable coupons in using an intuitive manner that’s customized to their needs.







“I knew the Design Rangers hit it out of the park the second I saw the first version of the site. “Yes!” and “Of course!” were screamed because their design was not only pretty, but strategically so logical and functional, it just makes sense! They looked at all the data and realized that our biggest asset, Pikes Peak, is why people land on our site. There’s so much more than Pikes Peak to do around Colorado Springs, that the Design Rangers (especially being outdoor enthusiasts themselves) came up with a design that drives families to understand that there’s much more to do around these parts than just a cool mountain!

When you take on the exhaustive task of redesigning a website, it’s easy to get caught up in all the nuances of design, function, this and that, but thankfully the Design Rangers know all those things, the perfect timing and the strategic focus to make something more than “pretty.” They made something functional that allows our audience to answer that important question ‘What’s there to do in the Pikes Peak region.’ I personally believe that we got way more than we paid for, including some long-term strategic questions that we needed to ask ourselves about relevancy and strategy. Thankfully they are just the right people to bring to the table.

Although they are the Design Rangers, they are really brilliant when it comes to making pretty design functional, targeted, and USEFUL! That’s what we wanted and thankfully the Design Rangers delivered something Award-Winning and more awesome than we could have imagined!”

Ryan Cole
Executive Director, PPCA

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