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PurseCycle.com is a new online community where women can recycle purses that they no longer use in exchange for credits and then use those credits to choose a bag that is new to them. The PurseCycle logo needed to quickly identify the concept of recycling and re-use. The design needed to balance a sense of fun with trust and approachability. The final mark is simple and smart, playing on the recycling icon to create an instantly recognizable yet distinct image.





  • 2011 ADDY Award, Silver: Logo


“When I’m working on a new business venture, the first thing I tackle after the concept is the branding. The look and feel of a logo really helps solidify what the business is all about and brings the project to life. Such was the case with PurseCycle.com. Design Rangers delivered with a logo that was sophisticated and cute at the same time. It appeals to a wide range of personalities and is clean, fun, and fantastic. Having a logo like this immediately lends credibility – people see it and feel like they are dealing with a high-end, professionally managed business. In other words, it takes me well beyond the realm of start-up. Thanks Design Rangers – you did it again!”

Jessica Seybold
Owner / Purse Lover