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USA Cycling 2011 HPP cover

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USA Cycling

High Performance Plan

Clarity of communication was the driving force behind the design of USA Cycling’s High Performance Plan (HPP).  The HPP is used by USA Cycling to present their long-term vision to the US Olympic Committee to secure funding for their programs, and it also serves as their internal strategic plan.  We set out with a clear objective:  illustrate the power and passion of the athletes and the goals of USA Cycling in an easy-to-understand format. First, we enlisted a trusted copywriter to collaborate with USA Cycling to edit the text of the plan. Next, we created common visual cues to accompany consistent graphics and charts throughout the document. Finally, we also created a matching PowerPoint template to help ensure a unified look and feel across presentation formats. The final result was a comprehensive, winning guide built to inform and educate.




“The Design Rangers have been so much more than simply a graphic design firm for us. They have been essential partners in helping shape the brand of our growing organization. Chris and Jenny understand the essentials of marketing and brand management and apply those across every project.”

Andrea Smith
Director of Communications

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