the “new normal”

Marketing in the time of COVID

Now, more than ever, it’s our responsibility as designers and storytellers to lift up and speak to authentic human experiences and design with empathy. We work with courageous clients who have forged new paths to adapt their message and reach their audiences where they’re at. And because we are stronger together, we hope the resources and campaigns here can inspire your marketing efforts.  

How our team has pivoted:
learning as we go

Marketing during a crisis

None of us had contingency plans in place for a global pandemic. So all of us, including the Rangers, are learning as we go. We’re sharing what we’ve learned—and continue to learn—about marketing during a global crisis.

Done is better than perfect

In an ever-changing crisis, getting your message out today is more valuable to your audience than getting the perfect message out next week.

Know your voice, then use it

Your voice and tone, and how you address your audience right now, sets the tone for the trusted relationship you’re building with them.  

Be ready to iterate

What may be true one week might not be true the next. We all have to be ready to quickly adapt our message—and our tone—to match the latest information.

Putting principles into action:

We believe in doing work that makes a difference for people making a difference.

Campaigns to inspire your next “pivot”

Visit Colorado Springs

Tourism video commercial

turnaround time:

4 weeks


Travelers eager to explore, once it's safe to

Our tourism industry has been one of the most heavily impacted sectors during COVID-19. Towards the end of March, Visit Colorado Springs came to us in need of a significant pivot away from our original tourism campaign. A team of explorers at heart, it wasn’t hard for us to imagine that feeling of longing for the next adventure. The video we created with the Visit Colorado Springs team reminds visitors that “Colorado Springs isn’t the adventure—they are,” and welcomes them back to the region when the time is right.

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community health partnership

Beyond the Curve

Turnaround time:

2 weeks


El Paso County teens

Imagine cramming for finals and shopping for prom one minute, and the next, stuck at home with no end in sight for when you might return back to school. That’s what El Pas County teens, along with the rest our nation’s youth, have been grappling with over the last few months. Community Health Partnership was ready to step up: connecting directly with local teens to help us develop a brand and campaign site that met their peers where they’re at with resources and encouragement to cope. The dynamic, bold brand is a subtle reminder—that there is life and hope beyond flattening the curve of COVID. 

El paso county public health

Public service announcement campaign


4 weeks


All residents of El Paso County

As the voice of truth during a health crisis, El Paso County Public health needed a campaign that could cut through the noise 

echo canyon river expeditions

Covid response campaign


2 weeks


Eager—but cautious—regional tourists

As the rules around rafting and outdoor recreation changes on a weekly—and even daily—basis, Echo Canyon River Expeditions needed to get ahead of the competition with their procedures and protocols to keep visitors safe while still having fun on the water. Simple messaging supported by visual graphics help visitors skim—or dive deep—to find out exactly how Echo Canyon is guiding them, both on and off the river. 

Need help pivoting?

45-minute Complimentary Consultation

Feeling inspired to lace up your boots and begin your next pivot? Every expedition starts with a 45-minute, complimentary consultation where we get to know you and your goals. We’re here to help you blaze a new trail.

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