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Design that Works

At the Ranger Camp, we believe in designing with purpose—on purpose. In fact, we see it as our solemn oath as creatives and stewards of our clients’ brands to design solutions and systems over brochures and business cards. Pretty design is a commodity. But, design that works—now that can change the world.

For design to actually work, it needs to do 3 things:

Come to think of it­—it’s a lot like a s’more.
“SAY THE RIGHT THING” | Personality

What you say and how you say it are equally important. Engaging with your audience authentically and communicating in a way that compells them to action requires a thoughtful understanding of your brand’s unique personality.

Your personality tells you how to speak in a way that’s authentic and compelling.


Brands are now expected to engage and interact like humans, which is why it’s critical to understand your audience at a core level. What do they believe? What keeps them up at night and what problem are you perfectly positioned to solve?

Personas represent the people who already believe what you believe.


And finally, the presentation. Whether it’s your brand, your website or even a business card—understanding your organization’s authentic personality and your audience’s unique perspective form the basis of design that works.

Your presentation is what makes people take action.


Design that works is the only design that matters

We like to say “we don’t do websites,” mostly because it stops you in your (bear) tracks. But the truth is, making a “pretty looking website” without knowing your brand’s personality or your audience’s motivations is like grabbing a few, dry graham crackers and calling it a s’more. We believe in helping our clients reach new donors, volunteers, customers and visitors—and we’re absolutely sure this can only be done through thoughtful, strategic design. If you’re ready to invest in design that works over design that’s pretty, join us around the campfire. 

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