Nonprofit Camp

What if you could get $20,000 worth of work for a quarter of the price – and get it all by 5pm today? This is not your average summer camp. This is Nonprofit Camp!

Welcome to Camp!

We love our Colorado Springs community. And while we are a for-profit company, some of our most fulfilling work comes from partnering with small nonprofits who make this community great. That’s why we created Nonprofit Camp. This one- or two-day intensive camp let’s you purchase our team’s dedicated time. 

How much work you leave with is completely up to you: the faster you can review and make decisions, the more we can accomplish before the end of the day.

You'll love camp. Scout's honor:

You might be the right scout for Nonprofit Camp if you:


Know who you are.

We don't believe in putting lipstick on a pig. You have to know who you are and why your nonprofit exists before we can help tell your story.

Have a story worth telling.

Before we can sit around the campfire singing Kumbaya, we have to know your story. Your story is your most powerful marketing tool.

Can make quick decisions.

This camp is all about rapid design and decision-making. The faster you can make decisions, the more work you'll have to show at the end of the day.

Ask a camp counselor

It’s almost entirely up to you! The quicker you can approve designs, the more work we can get done. But a typical 1 day Nonprofit Camp includes: one logo and foundational branding, business cards and letterhead, single page site and social media toolkit. That’s usually a $20K investment!

The more available you can be throughout the day, the better! Many clients even set up their office here for the day – that way they can get work done and still be available to review designs on the fly.

Two days often gives us enough time to develop a campaign or design and launch a multi-page website. If you’re interested in a two day Nonprofit Camp, we’ll help you decide how to prioritize your hours.

Payment is due in full prior to scheduling your Nonprofit Camp. This helps us block out time and guarantee you a spot in our schedule. 

1 Day Nonprofit Camp: $5,000

2 Day Nonprofit Camp: $9,500


Meet with a Ranger

Feeling inspired to lace up your boots and register for your very own Nonprofit Camp? Every Ranger-led expedition starts with a 45 minute complimentary meeting to see if we’re the right fit for you. Just fill out the form below to get started! 

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