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Personality Camp

In a world where tiny candies harness the “voice of the rainbow” and your friend Alexa can play your favorite song at a moment’s notice – brands must lean into their authentic personality in order to connect with their audience. 

Your brand has a personality, whether you know it or not.

Find your voice,

To find your people

Humans connect to and find meaning in stories. It’s through stories that we find our place in the world and relate to one another. But it’s nearly impossible to share your story effectively if you don’t have a brand voice that is truly your own. 

Think of your favorite brands:

You might be the right scout for Personality Camp if you:


Want to differentiate from the crowd.

There are other organizations who technically do what you do. So what makes you different? Don't let your audience compare apples to apples.

Have a story worth telling.

We don't believe in putting lipstick on a pig. So if we're working together, it's because your organization has a story that's inherently worth sharing.

Hope to engage new audiences.

New audiences grow your reach and can act as your greatest ambassadors, whether they're clients, customers, volunteers, donors or simply the community at large.

Client success stories

personality camp graduates:
Lace up your boots

It's time for camp

This hands-on camp takes you through a series of voice and tone exercises to reach the heart of your brand’s personality. The Rangers are here to facilitate great conversation and serve up perfectly roasted s’mores. But it’s your team who will uncover your brand’s unique personality. 

Post-camp Personality Guide:

We believe in teaching a man to fish. That’s why we provide a custom Personality Guide outlining exactly how you should write for your brand – whether that’s on the website, social media or through traditional marketing avenues. We’ll include examples of your previous content and how we recommend rewriting this content to better fit your newly defined personality. Your guide will also expand on the archetypes you chose in camp and how to adapt your tone based on the situation.

Personality Camp: $2,500

Includes up to 8 attendees.

Camp is in session

Meet with a ranger

Feeling inspired to lace up your boots and attend a camp? Every Ranger-led expedition starts with a 45 minute, complimentary meeting where we get to know you and your business goals. Just fill out our project form to get started! 

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