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They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. But when it comes to your marketing efforts—it’s worth so much more. Think about it: How long does it take to explain why your business or organization exists? Better yet—how easily can you describe how you’re different/better than your competitors?

Now imagine if a photo could say it all. 

Capture feelings—not photos

Why custom photography matters

You might be wondering why you need professional photography. Why spend the money on a photographer when you could just take the photos yourself with your new iPhone? 

Photography that’s most effective for marketing isn’t about capturing the right photos—it’s about capturing the right feelings. 

Custom photography considers how lighting, context, background, foreground, color, emotion and personality all work together to develop your brand’s story. Photography isn’t just an element of your brand. It’s the sum of your brand come to life!

Custom photography can:
Before After

Check out Welkin Sciences website before and after Web Camp—including custom, process photography.

You're ready for Photography Camp if:

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Your photos are more than 5 years old.

As your organization grows—your photo library should grow with it. Consider this: has your organization added services or products, increased your impact or added more team members? Then it's time to update your photo library.

Your photos are low-resolution or just too small.

Consumers today recognize the difference between a dated cell phone photo and a professional, high-quality image. Investing in custom photography will allow your brand to look the part.

You're getting ready to launch a new website or campaign.

It's like remodeling your house top to bottom—with fresh paint, beautiful furniture, and sparkly light fixtures—but keeping the shag carpeting. Photos truly bring your website or campaign to life!

You are looking to engage a younger audience.

Millennials and Gen-Z were born with iPhones in their hands. They have high expectations for hyper-curated content and choose discerningly when deciding to support a brand.
Headshots & team photos

Introduce your team and show off your brand's personality

There’s a saying: All things being equal—people like to work with their friends. All things being not so equal—people still like to work with their friends. Welcoming, approachable headshots highlight one of your organization’s most important assets—your team.

Great headshots:
Where to use your headshots & team photos:
Ge johnson foundation website
The GE Johnson Foundation website leverages custom headshots to express the commitment and professionalism of their dedicated team.
Process photography

Shine a light on your "everyday"

What’s the first thing a magician gets asked after his trick? How did you do that? Consumers enjoy getting a behind-the-scenes look at your business—especially seeing your team at work. Inviting them into your world through photography helps express the value of your product or service.  

Process photography:
Where to use your process photos:
Welkin Sciences' website
Welkin Sciences uses process photography to show their engineers at work—securing our skies through satellite communication.
Lifestyle photography

Take them along for the ride

Lifestyle photography puts your potential customers or clients in the front seat of your brand story. This style of photography allows your audience to see themselves in your marketing materials. It’s expressive and experiential photography—setting the tone and “selling the sizzle.”

Great lifestyle photography:
Where to use your lifestyle photos:
Colorado Springs visitor guide
Custom, art-directed lifestyle photography sets the tone of Colorado Springs Visitor Guide each year.

Art Directing Photoshoots & Partnering with Photographers

Joel Strayer Photography, Colorado Springs Vacation Planner

Working with the best of the best

We don’t pretend to be great at everything—we’re not swiss army knives. When our clients are looking for a particular photography style, experience or expertise, we partner with an all-star team of photographers and videographers to bring your brand story to life! 

Have a photographer in mind—but looking for a little direction? Maybe you know what look you’re going for but don’t know the right photographer. We’ll help you chart a course and find your fit. Send up a smoke signal at to start the conversation.

Pricing & packages

Headshots & team

Best for relationship-driven businesses who know their team is one of their most important assets.
$ 1,250
  • Headshots for up to 6 team members, additional team members billed at $100/person
  • Group photos of the entire team or board
  • 2-3 edited photos per team member and 2-3 team/board photos
  • An online gallery of high-resolution images to choose from


Best for differentiating you from the competition and inviting customers into your world.
$ 2,500+
  • 2-4 hour photoshoot
  • 20-30 edited photos at your office or organization with art direction provided by Design Rangers
  • Location-scouting to prepare the best setup and staging of photos
  • An online gallery of high-resolution images to choose from


Best for brands selling an experience and looking to prove value beyond their product or service.
$ 2,750+
  • 2-4 hour photoshoot
  • 40-50 edited photos using everyday models with art direction provided by Design Rangers
  • Location-scouting to prepare the best setup and staging of photos
  • An online gallery of high-resolution images to choose from

Not sure what kind of photography you need? Want a little bit of everything? Throw up a smoke signal and we’ll plot the best path forward, together. Reach out to the Ranger Camp at

Photography camp graduates:
Estimating your photoshoot

Meet with a Ranger

Feeling inspired to lace up your boots and setup a photoshoot? Every expedition begins with a 45-minute, complimentary consultation where we get to know you and your brand’s goals. Simply email us to get started.

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