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Our Philosophy

Purposeful design

We believe design has the power to change hearts and minds. It can start a movement, feed a community and spark dialogue. With that kind of power, we have a responsibility to do work that makes a difference for people who make a difference. Our Ranger Oath is simple:


Lead with purpose

Mission is a plaque hung on the wall. Purpose is a burning in your heart.

Give generously

We don’t believe in hoarding trade secrets. Because it's not that unique if someone else can replicate it.

Design with empathy

We design for humans. So it’s our job to do right by them, because we’re all in this together.

Chris Schell

Co-founder, Partner

Some would call him old. We call him wise. Chris has over 25 years of experience in marketing, creative direction and results-driven print and web design. He’s the world’s greatest question asker, so please don’t challenge him to 21 Questions – for all of our sakes. And not to brag, but Chris was the 2014 AAF Colorado Springs Creative of the Year and recipient of the 2018 Silver Medal Award. #humblebrag

Favorite Sky Mall purchase

My Hoka One One® shoes – basically platforms of comfort.

ranger superlative

Most likely to use tracing paper full of illegible scribbles as kindling for a campfire.

favorite pop-culture reference

“Do or do not. There is no try.”

Jenny Schell

Co-founder, Partner

Jenny is an award-winning designer with 20+ years of marketing, print and branding experience. Her clean, timeless design style means her logos are often selected by clients – fortunately none of us are bitter about that. Best of all, she can see both sides of a campfire story, which makes her incredibly empathic, receptive to new ideas, and open-minded.

Despite a sheepish enthusiasm for the spotlight, Jenny’s authenticity has brought thousands of people to tears as Keynote Speaker for Care and Share’s Recipe for Hope, Pikes Peak Community College’s 2018 graduation ceremony, TESSA’s Encore Gala and on the Colorado Springs TEDx stage.

Worst thing to receive in the mail


ranger superlative

Most likely to have woodland creatures break out into song and dance when she walks by.

Favorite show to quote

The Office. “Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.” ~ Michael Scott

Sam Minneti

project manager, partner

Sam is our very own Indiana Jones. Whether it be timelines, budgets, or project expectations, she’s the one who holds the whip and keeps all of us on track. She’s friendly, optimistic, efficient, and believes that the best led projects consist of clear and honest communication. Not only is she one hell of a project manager, but she’s an award-winning copywriter who’s been known to come up with headlines in 10 seconds flat. Sam has been the recipient of the 2016 and 2018 AAF Colorado Springs Copywriter of the Year Award and the 2017 Account Planner of the Year Award. 

Best place for queso

Give me a harder question.
T-Byrds Tacos & Tequila. I can neither confirm nor deny they know my order by heart.

ranger superlative

Most likely to befriend a family of bears and train them in a synchronized dance of “I Want it That Way” by the Backstreet Boys.

common catchphrase

“That’s what she said.”

Clint Hager

web designer & developer

Clint is a seasoned coder with an eye for design and a curiosity for all things web-related. Having both a design and development background, he is the ultimate “one-two” punch when it comes to web design. Clint is also an advocate in the local design community and served on the board of the American Advertising Federation of Colorado Springs. When he’s not writing code, you can find him scaling cliffs and rock climbing all over the Front Range or on his mountain bike somewhere on a winding trail.

If we can't find Clint, he's probably...

On a mission to find the world’s greatest burrito. There will be a pro-con list.

ranger superlative

Most likely to keep the bears well-fed so they don’t turn on him.

Last seen

Scaling a mountain in nothing but a Ranger hat and red socks.


Who we are

(And aren’t.) Sometimes it’s not enough to define who you are – you’ve also got to define who you aren’t. 

  • playful but not careless
  • clever but not pretentious
  • structured but not inflexible
  • adventurous but not dangerous
  • approachable but not sloppy
  • sincere but not sappy

We believe in doing work that makes a difference for people making a difference.

We work with:
  • Passionate humans who care
  • Storytellers, even if they don't know it
  • Nonprofits and for-profits
  • Optimists and do-gooders
  • Organizations who walk their talk
We don't work with:
  • Jerks
  • Clients looking for Kinkos
  • People who believe marketing is a one-trick pony
  • Profit-chasers and bottom-liners
  • Keyword stuffers or the CMS you already hate

Rangers in the wild

it's a major award

Awards and kudos

We believe in raising the bar for design in Colorado Springs. So we’re proud to win these awards alongside brilliant creative agencies that we’re lucky enough to call our friends.


Jenny Schell, 2019 American Advertising Federation Colorado Springs Icon Awards

2019 AAF Colorado Springs Addys for Visit Colorado Springs’ “We Don’t Believe in Tourists” Campaign

Brand Design for Colorado Springs Lodging & Automobile Rental Tax

Camp is in session

Meet with a Ranger

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