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"To the residents of Colorado Springs it's no surprise that we compete with Denver International Airport – but instead of seeing that as a weakness, the Rangers embraced the competition. They brought out our spunky, playful personality and weren't afraid to ask travelers to really compare flying through COS vs. DIA in a way that highlighted all the benefits of flying through COS." – Heather Lenard, Former Marketing and Communications Manager, Colorado Springs Airport

If you talk to nearly anyone in the Springs, they’ll tell you this: all things being equal, they’d rather fly COS. The drive is shorter, parking is cheaper, the security line is nearly non existent and it just makes traveling easy. Cost is the major reason travelers would choose Denver International Airport over flying through Colorado Springs.

So we asked people to really decide what was most important: saving a dollar or saving yourself time and a headache. After an over 10% increase in passenger traffic following this campaign, I think we got our answer.

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Rangers believe in partnerships over projects. That’s why we continued to extend the Colorado Springs Airport’s brand into new stories and initiatives.

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