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Bridgers & Paxton

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It’s not all pocket protectors at Bridgers & Paxton. This engineering firm can design energy-efficient, geothermal heat pump systems and crack a good Game of Thrones joke. 

The challenge

The B&P team genuinely cares about their clients, asking questions unrelated to the original scope to get to the best solution possible. But they struggled to differentiate themselves from every other engineering firm with a similar list of services.

The solution

Their breadth of experience was clear – this wasn’t their first rodeo. To express this, past projects are now categorized into Featured Projects, Project Snapshots and a list of Additional Projects. The list shows their overwhelming range of experience, while the Featured Projects take a in-depth, story-driven approach to their problem-solving process.

02: Our Approach

Balancing professional and approachable

Face it. A brand’s personality isn’t just what they say about themselves. It’s what others say about them, too. Through our Personality Camp, we struck a subtle balance in B&P’s character: intelligent but not arrogant, approachable but not informal, and practical but not rigid.

The Visual Inventory is a time for us to pull inspiration from other websites, both inside and outside of the client’s industry, that will inspire the design of the new site. 

During Personality Camp, we dove deep into the brand’s characteristics. It was so important B&P knew exactly who they were and how they communicated most authentically. 

We use “Element Explorations” to experiment with storytelling through colors, icons, messaging, imagery, and other opportunities for surprise and delight.

The turning point

Extracting the authentic personality

Bridgers & Paxton’s personality had to permeate the site, not just through messaging but through design, as well, if they were going to differentiate themselves from the competition. 

Their old site felt sterile and impersonal. It stated the facts and listed the services, but nothing on their site differentiated them from every other engineering firm. Without another way to decide, potential clients were choosing B&P’s lower-price competitors.

03: The result

Engineering excellence

Bold messaging paired with dynamic design tells the story of Bridgers & Paxton. It’s not a single element, but how all elements on the site work together to bring forward the essence of the brand. Sharp angles and drawn lines feel progressive and organic, while a clean grid and strong pops of color feel structured and intentional.

  • We used a happy mix of front-end editors and back-end custom fields which allow B&P content managers to easily edit, update and build consistent yet vibrant pages
  • From burritos to beryllium, students to supercomputers and otters to offices, B&P can now easily express the confidence that comes from their proven track record of excellence and innovation
  • Projects can be filtered by industry so website visitors can quickly see the type of work they care about most
  • The new careers page highlights B&P's industry rankings, culture, benefits and current opportunities so they can continue to attract the best-of-the-best

Working with Design Rangers was an absolute pleasure. They are excellent communicators, warm, genuine, friendly people who made the seemingly insurmountable project of developing a new company website actually very doable. They are truly a complete branding firm. Top-notch graphics, cutting-edge web functionality, excellent processes, they write the best copy, a joy to work with! #TotalPackage

– ADRIENNE TUCK, Former Regional Marketing Manager


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