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01: The CLient

Care and Share Food Bank

“Care and Share exists to ensure that the one in eight Southern Coloradans at risk of hunger have access to enough healthy and nutritious food to thrive. We know that children without adequate access to food cannot develop successfully, families cannot plan for their future, and seniors find it more difficult to remain independent.” #preach

The challenge

Care and Share came to us for a website redesign, but in our initial Camp Counseling session we turned the tables – finding opportunities for impactful storytelling and clear communication. Their three very distinct, but equally important audiences needed to cut through the nonprofit jargon to find what mattered to them. Volunteers, donors, and those needing food, wanted a site that spoke to each of them directly. Leave it to the Rangers to give you something you never asked for 🙂

The solution

We created an experience where donors, volunteers and those seeking help could find the information they needed, when they needed it. While Care and Share’s core story remained the same, we created areas within the site where each audience could feel as though Care and Share was talking directly to them. This audience segmentation begins as soon as you land on the homepage.

02: Our Approach

A website ripe for change

With Care and Share, we took one step back to take two steps forward. We knew it wasn’t enough to just meet their site’s functionality requirements. They needed a visual and content hierarchy that helped users find the information most relevant to them.

Telling a story is so much more than words on a page. It’s color, typography, images, and yes, messaging. Most importantly, it’s how all of these elements work together to immerse the audience in a feeling. This is how we started our journey with Care and Share.

Before jumping into design of a page, we strip away the aesthetics and focus on the hierarchy of information on a page. How would someone use this site? What is the ideal user flow?

The “We have one belief: No one should go hungry.” content we created for the website is now used on everything from print ads to annual reports to semi-trucks.

The turning point

Simplifying jargon & messaging

Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees, especially when you’re in the trees every day. In our initial audit of Care and Share’s site, we realized they were using language that made perfect sense to their internal team, but felt confusing and unclear to their audiences. Phrases likes “Agency Locator” were simplified to “Find Food” so that neighbors who need it most could access nutritious food.

Soon after the new website launched Care and Share called us, concerned because the number of phone calls from people asking where to find food had gone down significantly. Turns out the website was just doing its job – quickly and easily navigating people to food resources in their immediate area. 

03: The result

Fighting hunger, Ranger style

For our team, this was so much more than a website. We saw this project as an opportunity to help our neighbors in need, using the tools we know best. But the real heroes are the Care and Share employees and volunteers who wake up every day, inspired to take a stand in the fight against hunger. 

They took an old, outdated and time-consuming website and transformed not only the website, but our way of thinking along the way. They challenged us creatively, helped us realize our potential and our voice and at the end of it all gave us an incredibly powerful tool. These guys… ugh… tearing up thinking about it. They’re smart. They’re forward thinking. They’re experts. They’re efficient. They’re stupid hard working. They’re Rangers for Pete’s sake. And, the best thing of all… they’ve become my friends for life.”

– SHANNON BRICE, Chief Marketing Officer
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