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"The creative Design Rangers delivered was not only unique and beautifully designed, but it was strategic and focused on our specific goals for the campaign. When you team up with Design Rangers, they don’t just produce pretty designs (although, they’re definitely pretty), they produce materials, ideas and concepts that are effective for your bottom line." – Melissa Williams, Marketing Manager, Visit Colorado Springs

You know that plaid-shirt wearing, mustaching-combing, craft beer-loving movement going on right now? We decided to lean into that. The Visit Colorado Springs’ Crafts & Drafts Campaign took a playful turn in 2018, using overt stock photos, promiscuous brewing terms and a really hairy belly to engage craft and draft enthusiasts. The campaign included print and digital ads, social and in-theatre video.

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Rangers believe in partnerships over projects. That’s why we’ve continued to extend the VCOS campaign into other stories and initiatives.

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