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The challenge

Extending the Echo experience

From the moment you arrive, it’s clear the Echo experience is much more than a raft trip. From chef-prepared lunches to in-raft GoPro images and on-site lodging, they’ve thought of everything. This attention to detail needed to translate to their website so visitors knew what to expect – even before the big day.

Our approach

A class above the rest

If you’ve been to Cañon City, you know they have as many rafting outfitters as flavors at Ben and Jerry’s. Our goal: walk visitors through the rafting experience and position Echo Canyon as true guides – both on and off the river. Because when the value is clear, the decision is easy.

Putting you in the raft

We took a visually rich approach with Echo, leveraging in-action GoPro images to put you inside the raft on a perfect day through the Royal Gorge. You can feel the water splashing and hear the giggles and gasps from your raftmates.

The "Before"

Their old site was text-heavy and image-sparse. With over 10 rafting outfitters in Cañon City, Echo wanted to prove their value and differentiate themselves by more than just price.

Brewing up inspiration

Companies tend to look within their own industry for inspiration – and end up looking just like everyone else. So we went on the hunt to find true craftsmen. That’s when we stumbled upon the craft beer movement. It was a dream come true when we found beer label illustrator, Josh Emrich – who agreed to diverge from his typical “hoppy” work to create custom raft illustrations for us!


We use “Element Explorations” to experiment with storytelling through colors, icons, messaging, imagery, and other opportunities for surprise and delight.

A day at Echo

At Echo, there’s so much that goes on behind the scenes to craft the perfect adventure for their guests. That’s why we created a new page about the Echo Experience – walking visitors through a typical day at Echo Canyon. Details like key valet, wet suits, river shoes and a steak lunch guarantee there is no comparing Echo to any other rafting outfitter.

Surprise & delight

Brand personality can be seen in everything from voice and tone, to typography and even code. Subtle animations like the ones on this page offer the perfect opportunity for Echo’s playful brand to shine.

Extending the brand​

Patterns and illustrations were developed to continue Echo’s playful, approachable brand. These elements can be seen across mediums – in their website and print materials as visual queues.

Our solution

Never finished

Now every element of Echo’s brand – from the website to their signage, and everything in between – reflects the visitors’ on-site experience. And because a website is never finished, we continue to work with Echo to refine their brand and impress their visitors.

The results

We came to Design Rangers looking for a new branding for Echo Canyon – something that would set us a part from the many rafting outfitters in the area. Sounds simple. It’s not! But DR came up with a fresh look and clean design that allowed for successful print and digital campaigns as well as on-site branding elements that tied together our message. When the messaging and theme was first presented to us we thought, ‘Yeah, that is what we’re all about. That fits Echo Canyon.’ We just didn’t know how to get to that point. Design Rangers did an excellent job of asking the right questions and learning all about us which lead to the concept that we couldn’t quite put our finger on ourselves. 

– Ben Sack

General Manager

  • 2014: Silver ADDY Award
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