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Super savers youth campaign​

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The challenge

Making banking fun

For years, Ent’s youth savings campaign was losing steam with kids aged 11-18. The marketing team was looking to infuse fun and playfulness into the youth campaign and really get kids excited to open up their very own checking account.
Their vision: a squad of larger-than-life Super Savers ready to save the day!

Our approach

Relatable super heroes

For this campaign, we chose to highlight everyday heroes – the kids mowing lawns, walking dogs and tutoring after school to save money. Our hope was that Ent’s youth audience would see themselves in these Super Savers and be inspired to start saving, too

Drawing inspiration

We kicked off this project by drawing inspiration from comic books, tv shows and our fellow designers on Dribble. We knew we needed to strike a balance with these characters: they should be refined enough to engage older kids but approachable enough to appeal to a younger demographic. There was no shortage of inspiration, so we started studying how color, angles and texture influenced the characters.

And “drawing” inspiration

In our initial sketches, we explored the effects of angles on the youthfulness of our characters. Sharp features made the characters feel older and more mature, while rounded, softer features felt too childish.

Characters take life​

Each of our characters had definitive personalities and backstories. Matt the Mower was inspired by Dash from the Incredibles and Spiderman’s Peter Parker. He’s fun-loving and charismatic with an entreprenurial spirit. Dani the Dog Walker’s spunk is unmatched. She drew inspiration from The Cosby Show’s Rudy Huxtable. And our oldest character is a nod to Topanga from Boy Meets World. Tess is wicked smart and tutors after school to save up for college. These backstories helped to develop well-rounded, believable Super Savers that Ent’s youth audience could relate to.

Layering in color​

Unique color palettes were created for each character, which complemented the overall bright, cheerful design system. Dual tones were used to add depth and dimension to the flat illustrations and a variety of skin tones kept the campaign inclusive.

Propaganda vs. flat & modern​

While we were inspired by World War II propaganda posters, they felt more gritty than what we imagined for Ent. This flat, modern aesthetic felt approachable without being too immature.

End result

The campaign

It turns out the Super Savers really did save the day! Ent’s youth campaign saw the greatest results it had ever seen since the campaign first launched in 2006. In 2016, we created a second series of Super Savers to join the squad.The Super Savers were everywhere: featured on deposit slips, recycling bins, Facebook ads, digital banners, teller mats, ATM screens, print ads and coloring pages.

The results

It’s official – the Super Savers are a hit!
Design Rangers helped us breathe new life into our annual summer youth account promotion and make saving money fun with relatable superhero characters. With the fresh new creative – the same offer, timing and tactics from the prior year generated a 54% lift in the total number of new accounts opened during the promotion and that number has been sustained over the 3 month promotional period (not just a month 1 spike and then trailing off.) Impressive results!

– Victoria Selfridge

VP, Corporate Communications

Key Take Aways
  • The best results since the summer youth campaign started in 2006
  • 602 more accounts opened in 2015 than in 2016 – a 54% increase
  • Opened 549 accounts in June 2015 – more than Ent has ever opened in a summer promotion month

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