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"Design Rangers helps clients be innovative, and the team’s step-by-step approach with the rebrand of Amblicab to envida eased our decision-making. We met and worked collaboratively to make sure each element accurately reflects the image and values we want to project. We now have a brand that communicates why we exist, what we do, and how we do it." – Dave Somers, Outreach & Development Director at envida

Amblicab approached us with an identity crisis – their name implied emergency transportation when, in reality, they actually provide non-emergent transportation and in-home care to the elderly and disabled in Colorado Springs and the surrounding region.

They needed their name and brand to be flexible enough to adapt to their ever-growing services while simultaneously evoking the pride and independence felt by their clients. Their new name – envida – is derived from the latin root en meaning in and vida meaning life. But for them, the word envida means together in life.

The concentric circles of envida’s organic mark are reminiscent of rings in a tree – each ring representing time and growth. At envida, aging is worthy of celebration and vibrancy.

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Rangers believe in partnerships over projects. That’s why we’ve continued to extend envida’s brand into new stories and initiatives.

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