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01: The Client

GE Johnson Construction

The construction industry is a competitive one, where competing on price alone can be a race to the bottom. But when you’re in the business of building relationships rather than projects, it’s impossible to be labeled a commodity. 

The challenge

In construction, building relationships and trust can make all the difference in winning projects. GE Johnson Construction needed a website that spoke both to their clients’ unique challenges while also highlighting their ability to solve any construction problem—big or small. 

The solution

It’s one thing to say you understand your clients—and it’s another thing to prove it. We brought unique project challenges to the forefront—from the big picture to the little details—showcasing how GE Johnson Construction truly partners with their clients. 

02: Our Approach

More than buildings

Most service-based businesses struggle with the same challenge: “if the service we provide isn’t unique, then how do we stand out from the crowd?” Chances are, though,  how you provide your services is exactly why your clients choose you over your competitors. In a world where consumers invest in outcomes over products or services, their people and process is what truly sets GE Johnson apart. 

Pulling inspiration from process-driven sites helped expand how GE Johnson perceived the value of their own processes.

Every brand has a personality. Identifying their key traits led GE Johnson to find the balance between content that was both professional and approachable. 

Wireframes help our team and the clients’ focus on content flow and hierarchy first—before we dive down into the design. 

The turning point

Big picture and little details

It’s rare to find a construction company that can balance both: seeing the big picture and understanding how each partner fits into the overall success of the project—while also paying special attention to the small details that make a building truly memorable. From page flow and site structure to subtle patterns and animation, we found our own balance between the big picture and little details of this website.  

03: The result

Built on partnerships over projects

So much more than just a portfolio of projects, the new GE Johnson Construction site features “big picture,” large-scale projects and the little details that make them truly exceptional. Projects and case studies lead with unique challenges and the even more surprising ways the GE Johnson Construction team worked to solve them.

Design Rangers helped our team renovate three websites with a look, feel, and voice that truly reflects our culture. We decided to use them instead of a template option, and have no regrets! Sam, Chris, and Jenny, along with an amazing team backing them up, made our process for the revamp valuable, and maybe even more fun than we imagined! Thanks Design Rangers!

– Laura Rinker, Communications Director


Silver ADDY Award: Website

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