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01: The CLient

2012-2019 Annual Give! Campaign​

Give! is an annual philanthropic platform that provides valuable exposure to local nonprofits. From just 29 nonprofits in 2009 to 94 in 2018, the Give! Campaign has raised $11.4 million for worthy nonprofits in the Pikes Peak region.

The challenge

In 2012, the Give! team came to us with the following challenge: Help us catalyze philanthropy in all community members – especially young people. We want to make giving easy and even fun. The Rangers needed to create a campaign – and subsequently a brand – that could transcend age and even wealth. Because through the Give! Campaign, every gift makes a difference.

The solution

We focused our brand inspiration on the power of an established, grassroots community to create real change. The campaign now makes giving approachable and fun – while the website is an ever-evolving donation powerhouse with one goal: make giving easy.  

02: Our Approach

Philanthropy for everyone

We worked hard to create a campaign that felt lively, fun and accessible to a younger demographic, with a special focus on catalyzing philanthropy in our community members under the age of 36. The bright, vibrant colors and bold, chunky typography feel fresh and engaging – especially to a younger audience.

The turning point

Keep it simple, silly!

Give! came to us in 2016 with a fairly cumbersome website filled with real-time stats, pie charts, bar graphs, and an overloaded backend system. We all know that sometimes the simplest system are the easiest to use – so we focused on highlighting nonprofits in a quick-to-browse, compelling way. UX design now intuitively walks people through the donation and reward processes. Through a partnership with TMD Creative – we designed, they developed – Give! now has an easy-to-navigate, easy-to-update, easy-to-love, giving machine that only gets better every year.

03: The result

Live here, give here

Each year, more and more people learn about and donate to Give! While the brand we created has evolved, we continue to stay true to the heart of what Give! means for our community — a fun, rewarding, philanthropic platform that provides valuable exposure to our region’s nonprofits. Our highlight reel with Give! includes:

Innovative and skilled, I would argue one of their most valuable assets is their ability to interpret tech and design jargon into real world needs. The Rangers have a calm and logical method of sharing information that truly connected and inspired me. I can’t speak highly enough of Chris, Jenny and their team and continue to refer friends and business associates to them.

– JACK WARD, Former Chief Operating Officer


Gold ADDY Award​: Branding

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