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Launch-by-5: Web Camp

We have an ethos here at Design Rangers: we do good work for good people.

Recognizing the many organizations doing good work in our community – but who just can’t afford to engage in a typical project with us  – we broke new trail with Launch-by-5 Camp. Our newest camp now allows us the chance to walk our talk: designing truly compelling websites, in a single day, for good people. 

Imagine launching your new website by the end of the day.

You’re busy doing the work. Whether you’re the owner or marketing unicorn at your organization, you’re likely moving in 100 different directions – tasked with both the vision for your company while also wearing the boots-on-the-ground to make it all happen. 

We designed Launch-by-5 Camp for you.

Camp Benefits

Investment: $7,500

You're ready for camp if you:


Have a clearly defined brand.

The most successful campers know who they are and have thoughtful brand guidelines* that outline the visual expression of their brand.

Can freely make quick decisions.

In 8 hours, we'll launch a website that tells your authentic story. Ensure a paved path to launch by including key decision makers in camp day.

Know that content is "king."

Text, photos and design work together to craft a visual narrative. Our happiest campers have a collection of good photos and initial content before hitting the trail.

*Not sure if you’re brand is ready to hit the trail? Rangers to the rescue! Let us know about your brand guidelines in the form below and we’ll help blaze a custom trail for you. 

Client success stories

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[The Design Rangers] are a very talented group of people and also very thoughtful – really thinking about the needs of a nonprofit or a business.

Launch-by-5 camp graduates:
Ready to lace up your boots?

Apply for Launch-by-5 Camp

Think you’ve got what it takes to blaze a new trail for your website? We’re thrilled to be your guides on this adventure! Simply fill out the form below. We’ll be in touch within 48 hours to discuss your packing list for camp.   

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