Design with purpose

It's the only design that matters

As stewards of your brand, we’ve taken a solemn oath to create solutions and systems over brochures and business cards. Pretty design is a commodity. But design with a purpose—now that can change the world.

We don’t make things pretty

I mean, we do. But we don’t lead with it. We know great design has the power to connect our clients with people who believe what they believe. We’ve seen powerful design:

TanArtboard 16@2x
Reach thousands of teenagers exactly where they are across Colorado, reminding them they aren’t alone.
Drastically change how the largest food bank in southern Colorado communicates their belief that no one should go hungry.
Give a bold, vivid voice to the trails and open spaces we enjoy every day here in Colorado Springs.
First thing's first

Camp Counseling

If you’ve ever been to camp, you know it’s your Camp Counselor who guides you to the right activities and the best experiences. That’s why all of our projects start with Camp Counseling: our chance to discover your brand and plot the best path forward.

Check out our Course Catalog and start packing for your next camp.

Camp Activities
Case study: envida

A brand for telling a story

Naming | Branding | Website Design & Development
"Design Rangers helps clients be innovative, and the team’s step-by-step approach with the rebrand of Amblicab to Envida eased our decision-making. We met and worked collaboratively to make sure each element accurately reflects the image and values we want to project. We now have a brand that communicates why we exist, what we do, and how we do it."
Dave Somers
Outreach & Development Director at envida
Camp is in session

Meet with a Ranger

Feeling inspired to lace up your boots and start a project? Every expedition starts with a 45-minute, complimentary consultation where we get to know you and your goals. Just fill out our project form to get started!

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